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3 reasons to choose DY.com as your website domain
Star PRESTIGE: Take your company branding to another level. Just think of the global & visionary brands that already use 2-letter domains e.g. AA.com (American Airlines), ML.com (Merrill Lynch), IG.com (The IG Group) & HP.com (Hewlett-Packard).
Star VISIBILITY: Make your company stand out from competitors, with a short & easy to remember domain name. And those who see and type your domain will be reminded of your prestigious position in your industry, as you will likely be the only company who uses a rare 2-letter domain.
Star INVESTMENT: Any purchase of a 2-letter .com domain can be considered a very shrewd and wise investment. Prices for 2-letter.com domains will continue to rise so not only are you investing in a prestigious brand but you are investing in a highly prized and profitable assett too.

Check Out Some Recent Sales of Two-Letter .COM Domain Names
IG.com -- US$4.7 million
YP.com -- US$3.85 million
MI.com -- US$3.6 million
KK.com -- US$2.4 million
PX.com -- US$1.1+ million

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